What is a Blog and Why Do I Care?

A weblog, commonly truncated to blog, is essentially a internet site carrying published objects, such as articles, pix, films and audios.

A common weblog is an facts hub comprising of textual content, photographs and weblinks related to other net pages and blogs, along with different media related to the topic.

Meanwhile, in layman language, a blog is basically described as a frequent, chronological e-book of private mind and internet links.

The act of authoring and keeping a weblog, or adding an editorial to an current blog is called running a blog. Individual articles on a weblog are called “weblog posts” or “entries” and the individual that posts those entries is called a “blogger”.


The pre-digital digital community witnessed many kinds of electronic communications together with the likes of wire fights of AP cord, usenet, electronic mail lists and bulletin board systems (BBS), going on to “threads”, the strolling conversations created by using WebEx.

The concept of a weblog as we realize it these days developed from the machine of on line diaries wherein humans would hold a jogging account of their non-public lives. The term “weblog” changed into coined in 1997 with the aid of Jorn Barger and abridged to “weblog” by way of Peter Merholz.


A blog has one or extra of the following functions to carry out:

To awareness on a specific situation, which include meals, politics, news and many others.
To function as an online diary for various idea corporations.
To disseminate information.

Making of blogs

Specific server-primarily based systems are used to create and maintain blogs. The users use equipment such Ecto, Elicit and w.Bloggar to maintain their internet-hosted blog without being online even as composing or editing posts.

Besides, weblog advent tools and blog hosting offerings also are provided by means of many of the web website hosting businesses, internet provider companies, on line guides and internet portals. Some of those service companies include Tripod, America Online, Salon.Com, Yahoo! And Google.

Some of the running a blog software are b2evolution, geeklog, blogger, bBlog, LifeType, Nucleus CMS, PostNuke, Serendipity, TypePad, Typo, WordPress and Xanga.

Blog Composition

A weblog access has two varieties of components .I.E. Essential and optional. The critical components essentially include:

Title: most important title or headline of the submit.
Body: fundamental content of the submit.
Permalink: the URL of the whole, individual article.
Post Date: date and time the post turned into published.

The optional additives include:

Comments: comments brought via readers.
Categories / Tags: challenge that the entry discusses.
TrackBack / Pingback: hyperlinks to other websites that confer with the access.

Types of Blogs

A weblog is designed as such that it can be used for a wide variety of viable makes use of. Normally, a blog is identified through the cause or the primary problem it’s miles used for.

The essential kinds of blogs consist of business, cultural, science, political, unsolicited mail, topical, tour blogs, link weblog, moblog, photoblog, shockblog and vblog.

Role of Blogs

Blogs have come to play an critical role which advantages the community on an entire. Here we’ve mentioned a few of them:

Information dissemination
Many times, bloggers need to their credit score leading the way in bringing key records to public light and breaking and shaping news memories. This leaves the mainstream media with the task of reacting to this information, instead of it being vice-versa. One of the most important times is the furor created by the blogs of the left-swing and right-swing bloggers throughout the Iraq conflict.

Mobilising public opinion
Blogs have performed a major position in bringing the not unusual man’s opinion to the forefront and raising the value of its effectiveness and have an effect on. The incident in 12 months 2002 when the U.S. Senate’s Majority Leader Tent Lott’s notorious comments carrying a tinge of racial segregation were added to the limelight via the onslaught of bloggers is a first-rate instance. Lott become finally compelled to step down thanks to the public stress built this way.

Public Contact
Blogs have also come to act as a primary hyperlink between the politicians and leaders and the general public. Blogs are an increasing number of utilized by these leaders to specific their opinion on wars and different troubles, appearing as major contact between them and the commonplace guy. This has made blogging an essential tool for outreach and opinion forming.

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